Crownhill Court offers a comprehensive set of services to improve operational performance

What we do – typical problems we assist clients with:


To quickly highlight impactful areas for interventions

Operational improvement

Immediate cash-out, working capital reduction, improved profitability, increasing sales or reducing costs

Capital productivity

Improved utilisation, efficiency improvements, CAPEX reduction

Operational strategy

Zero-based budgeting, footprint network redesign, operating model revision, turnarounds

Transformation programme

Installing a continuous improvement culture via performance management systems, training, Operations Academy

How we do it - elements of our success:

Lean process redesign

De-bottlenecking, holistic & end-to-end, focus on customer value, eliminate unnecessary steps & duplication


Training & capability building for your organisation, upskilling, executive coaching, mixed client-consultant teams to “learn by doing”

Tech enabled

Installing & optimising the latest systems to facilitate the new way-of-working and updated processes via automation