Crownhill Court offers a comprehensive set of services to improve operational performance:
Operations strategy

  • We define and assist implementing your ops strategy, e.g.:
    • Footprint design
    • Production methodology
    • Distribution network
  • Our teams provide you with the required functional                    and industrial expertise
Operational Improvement & Capital Productivity
  • We define efficient operation models:
    • Location by location
    • Process efficiency
    • End-to-End holistic improvement
  • We will design, pilot, and roll-out a new high-efficiency operating model across your business
  • We help to improve capital returns, e.g.:
    • Improved utilisation of assets
    • Efficiency improvements
    • CAPEX reduction
  • A proven approach to deliver significant impact and new unlock ideas
Training & Capability Building
  • We offer tailored training approaches, e.g.:
    • Performance management capability
    • Leadership development, training, and coaching
    • Efficiency skills
  • Designed to support & accelerate improvements across your business